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EPS Block Moulding Machine Can Solve The Difficult Problems
Jun 28, 2017

EPS Block Moulding Machine can solve the difficult problems

EPS Block Moulding Machine, can be described as EPS Block Moulding Machine is for foam, sponge and other chemical business materials often processed after the equipment. At present, mainly follow the high temperature of the laser machine often cut, laser beam fine cutting is not easy to deformation, incision smooth, no margin. 

EPS Block Moulding Machine used in the aerospace industry, machine tool industry, engineering machinery, Pressure vessel, fan manufacturing, shipbuilding, power equipment, metallurgical and mining machinery, dust removal equipment, steel structure, bridge manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, chassis cabinets, stone processing, glass processing, robot manufacturing and other industries. In addition to the foam cutting machine, the company also produced other related production, it is estimated that you will have the requirements of the EPS Block Moulding Machine.
EPS Block Moulding Machine light weight. To 50 × 50cm decorative line, for example, its weight is GRC decorative line about 1/6. A person can be free to move, construction.
Paste firmly. The safety of the decorative line is very important, especially the quality of life requirements, if only heavy landscaping, do not pay attention to safety that will bring a lot of hidden dangers. EPS Block Moulding Machine decorative line is not only light, but also with the base wall bonding is very strong. It is mainly used for polymer mortar bonding, and polymer mortar is the organic glue is added to the inorganic material cement mortar mixing made, not only long life, and bonding firm, and has national standards and norms, and in a large number of Engineering application proved feasible, is safe and reliable. Eliminating the use of anchor bolts fixed construction hazards and anchor corrosion caused by the quality of the accident.
Modeling free processing. Because it is computer design modeling automatic cutting, line (piece) style arbitrary, simple processing, easy installation.
EPS Block Moulding Machine outside the insulation wall with the use of better results in the rapid development of building energy today, EPS Block Moulding Machine outside the wall insulation system is the only preferred system, but the architect will worry about whether the effect will affect the facade To achieve, EPS Block Moulding Machine decoration line completely eliminate the concerns of architects, not only that, but also make the architects arbitrary design style, with the formation of the perfect match with the insulation wall.
Easy installation. With special bonding materials and methods, a person can install the construction, especially the larger volume components, just stick the installation.

EPS Block Moulding Machine

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