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EPS Cutting Machine​ How to Maintain
Jun 28, 2017

EPS Cutting Machine How to Maintain

EPS Cutting Machine used in the need to cut the occasion, its use can bring us a lot of convenience, today we look at the EPS Cutting Machine factory to teach you some of the introduction.

In the course of running, if found to have irregular noise, shock and other abnormal phenomena, should immediately stop checking. Operation of the staff to coordinate with each other, coiling person in charge of the command, no password, start the machine. For EPS Cutting Machine operation should pay great attention to the steel plate was pressed together with the steel plate involved. When lifting a steel plate or reel with a crane, be careful not to collide with the machine. EPS Cutting Machine features: using the latest high-speed motor control dedicated chip DSP, to ensure rapid response to vector control. Hardware modular design to ensure stable and efficient operation. Design combines European car design, smooth lines, beautiful appearance. Structure with duct design, fan removable, good heat dissipation. After the end of the coil, so that the finished material to do the site clear, and do the maintenance of equipment, timely shutdown of power.

The above is about EPS Cutting Machine manufacturers to teach you to explain the maintenance, through the Division I EPS Cutting Machine business, generally will let you feel the different EPS Cutting Machine business, welcome to consult our business, will show you Different EPS Cutting Machine products.

Slip the use of equipment can reduce the use of certain operational errors, give us a quick operation, but also improve the efficiency of some of our country is to speed up the construction is very important, we look at the next.

To cut the work on the knife and the power of the main cylinder without any movement joints, never damage. Equipment without artificial lubrication, the machine is equipped with automatic lubrication system. Reduce time, repair more convenient. Equipped with a nitrogen return device, so that the cutting board to complete the cutting fast reset. The host is welded with steel plate, never deforms and tears. Equipment at work without cement base fixed, can be replaced at any time workplace. Make up for the current domestic forging machinery industry blank. Four-edge rectangular blade, flip four times after use, can be re-grinding re-use, reduce production costs. The whole hydraulic system uses only one electromagnetic relief valve to control the unloading start and system safety, so that the operation more convenient, no trouble.

EPS Cutting Machine

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