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Characteristics And Operation Procedure Of EPS Cutting Machine
Jul 07, 2017

Characteristics and operation procedure of EPS Cutting Machine

The characteristics and purpose of EPS cutter: flexible and flexible, flexible and durable. The machine structure adopts mechanical action, the processing is very stable and reliable. With the advanced electronic control system, flexible adjustment. Key component, the special grade material is chosen commonly, EPS Cutting Machine after professional design, precise processing, cut the tolerance is less than 0.03 mm. The main shaft screw usually adopts special grade steel, precision grinding and processing, special treatment, high precision and strong durability.

Multi-step feed: the thickness of the slice can be adjusted to 0.5 or infinite width from 0.5 ~ 6.5 cutting width of the standard. The cutting tolerance of the machine is greatly increased.

Fast speed: this design is suitable for deep packing. It can also save time and improve production efficiency.

The cutting machine needs to have the correct operation process before and after the use of the machine to ensure the long-term use of the machine. This paper briefly introduces some knowledge about this aspect.

After the installation of the machine, EPS Cutting Machine connect to the external power source, check the parts of the machine, whether the parts are flexible, whether the fasteners are strong, turn on tap water or electric pump, and prepare for cooling.

2. Press the input button to feed the motor, adjust the speed of the control instrument according to the hard soft of the sample block, and carry forward along the workbench, cutting the automatic return knife.

3. When installing a rock sample or a cut item, choose the ideal holding point to prevent the appearance of virtual clamps and fake clippers. Prevents the blade from being damaged by the running of the clamp during the cutting process.

The EPS cutter requires careful maintenance before and after use to extend the life of the cutting machine, EPS Cutting Machine so how to maintain it? This article introduces you to this aspect of knowledge.

1. Regularly remove waste from the collection box to prevent the waste from blocking the suction port;

2. Every day, the cutter should be cleaned, removed from the table, the limit and guide rails, and sprayed oil on the guide rails;

3. Regularly clean the water chiller every half month, drain the dirty water in the machine, and replace the fresh water.

4. EPS Cutting Machine The indoor environment will have a certain impact on the life of the machine, especially the wet and dusty environment. It is easy to rust the reflector lens, and it can also cause problems such as circuit short circuit or laser discharge.

5, reflection lens and focus lens from six to eight hours with special cleaning fluid scrub, EPS Cutting Machine scrub when should dip in with cotton or cotton swab cleaning fluid from focusing mirror center to the edge of scrubbing the counterclockwise direction, at the same time should be carefully put the lens scratch.

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