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China EPS Shape Moulding Machine Ownership Of The World's First
Sep 08, 2017

China EPS Shape Moulding Machine ownership of the world's first
China's EPS Shape Moulding Machine ownership accounted for the world's first, technical level and the gap between the world's advanced level has gradually narrowed. Especially in recent years, the application of computer technology and wire electrode EDM technology to achieve a variety of complex shapes of mold and parts processing automation, the control accuracy of up to 1ILm, the actual processing accuracy of up to 0.01 mm. Surface roughness up to R.1 25 ^ 2 5 iim. EPS Shape Moulding Machine is a precision machining, mold manufacturing essential equipment, it can not only processing the general metal materials, but also directly processing hardened steel, carbide and high hardness metal materials, thus shortening the mold manufacturing and new product development Cycle, with a very good economic benefits. CNC wire cutting machine has the advantages of excellent performance, reliable operation, simple operation, low price and economical durability. It is widely used in automobile, electronics, instrument, instrument, precision machinery, light industry and so on, and can be processed well Die (concave and convex, fixed plate) and the pressure model plate, disc cam and a variety of special parts.
  With the rapid development of mold and other manufacturing industry, in recent years, China's EPS Shape Moulding Machine technology production and technology has been rapid development, but also EPS Shape Moulding Machine put forward higher requirements, to promote China EPS Shape Moulding Machine production enterprises actively Modern research tools and advanced technology in-depth development of research, to information, intelligent and green direction of the continuous development to meet the needs of the market. Its future development, will be mainly reflected in the following aspects:
     (1) in the steady development of high-speed walking machine at the same time, attention to low-speed EPS Shape Moulding Machine development and development.
      ① high-speed walking machine is still steady development. High-speed EPS Shape Moulding Machine is invented in China. As the high-speed wire walking is conducive to improving the conditions of chip removal, suitable for large thickness and high current high-speed cutting, processing performance and excellent price, welcomed by the majority of users, so in the future for a long period of time, high-speed wire EPS Shape Moulding Machine China's electric processing industry is the main development model. Although the annual output of high-speed machine tools has reached 10 000 units in the future although there will be some growth, but the current development focus is to improve the high-speed wire EPS Shape Moulding Machine quality and processing stability, to meet those large General mold and general precision requirements of parts processing requirements. According to the development needs of the market, high-speed walking EPS Shape Moulding Machine technology level must be increased accordingly, the maximum cutting speed should be stable at 100 M M2 / min above the surface processing scale accuracy control in the range of 0 .005-0 D 1 mm , The surface roughness of the processing reaches R1 ^ -2um. This requires the machine structure, processing technology, high-frequency current and control systems to improve, and actively use a variety of advanced technology, attention to narrow pulse width, high peak current high frequency power development and application.
       ② attention to low-speed EPS Shape Moulding Machine development and development. Low-speed EPS Shape Moulding Machine As the electrode wire moving smoothly, easy to obtain high processing accuracy and surface roughness, suitable for precision molds and high-precision parts processing. China in the introduction, digestion, absorption on the basis of the development and mass production of low-speed EPS Shape Moulding Machine, to meet the needs of the domestic market. It is necessary to strengthen the low-speed EPS Shape Moulding Machine in-depth study, the development of new specifications for the market to provide more domestic low-speed EPS Shape Moulding Machine. At the same time, should also be based on a large number of experimental research, the establishment of a complete process database, improve CALF CAM software, so that with independent copyright CAL 'CAM software commercialization.