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EPS Block Molding Machine Equipment Development Needs To Meet Energy Efficiency Requirements
Oct 11, 2017

Experts believe that China's EPS Block Molding Machine development trend is to move towards the combination of structure, specialization, serialization, standardization, compound, miniaturization, large-scale, personalized, intelligent direction, , Efficient requirements.
High-speed, high-yield EPS Block Moulding Machine, high-speed, high yield, investors can make a lower investment to obtain greater output and high returns. However, the high speed of the EPS Block Molding Machine also brings a series of difficulties that need to be overcome: the reduction in the residence time of the material in the screw can lead to uneven mixing of the material and the excessive shearing of the material. And thermal decomposition, extrusion stability control difficulties will cause the extrusion geometry fluctuations, the relevant auxiliary devices and control system must improve the accuracy of the screw and barrel wear and tear need to wear high wear and ultra-high wear-resistant materials, Reducer and bearing in the case of high-speed operation how to improve its life and other issues need to be resolved.
Efficient, multi-functional EPS Block Moulding Machine is mainly reflected in the high efficiency of production, low energy consumption, low manufacturing costs. In terms of function, the screw EPS Block Molding Machine has been used not only for the extrusion molding and kneading of polymer materials, but its use has been broadened to food, feed, electric carbon, electrodes, explosives, building materials, packaging, Ceramics and other fields. In addition, the mixing and granulation and extrusion molding process into one of the "one-step extrusion process" is also worthy of attention.
Large and precise implementation of EPS Block Moulding Machine can reduce the cost of production, which in the large-scale twin-screw granulation unit, blown film unit, pipe EPS Block Molding Machine group and other advantages are more obvious. National key construction services required for major technical equipment, large-scale ethylene engineering supporting one of the three key equipment of large-scale extrusion granulation unit to rely on imports, it must speed up the localization process to meet the petrochemical industry development needs. And precision can improve the product's gold content, and as an important means to achieve precision extrusion - reducer must increase efforts to carry out research and development.
Modular and professional "modular" production can meet the special requirements of different users, shorten the development cycle of new products, and strive for greater market share; and "professional" production can be out of the equipment of the various system modules Production and even global procurement, which guarantee the quality of the machine, reduce costs, speed up cash flow are very favorable.
Intelligent and networked developed countries EPS Block Molding Machine has been widely used in modern electronic and computer control technology, the entire extrusion process parameters such as melt pressure and temperature, the body temperature, the main screw and feed screw speed , Feed volume, the ratio of various raw materials, the motor current and voltage parameters such as on-line detection, and the use of computer closed-loop control. Some companies have used online remote monitoring, diagnosis and control, the extrusion granulation production line for network control. This is to ensure the stability of the process conditions, improve product accuracy are extremely favorable.
China EPS Block Moulding Machine industry has identified the "Eleventh Five-Year" development strategy is: closely around the national key projects and pillar industries required EPS Block Molding Machine, towards efficient, energy saving, materials, environmental protection, large, Multi-layer direction of development, and strive to improve the technical content of existing products. I believe that this strategy will be China's EPS Block Molding Machine industry to play a further role in promoting the development.