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EPS Block Molding Machine's Routine Maintenance And Maintenance
Sep 20, 2017

EPS Block Molding Machine's routine maintenance and maintenance
EPS Block Molding Machine is mainly used for the cutting of foam materials. The drawing machine can cut hard foam, soft foam and plastic into square, rectangular and strip shape. It has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, accurate cutting precision and high precision.
EPS Block Molding Machine Routine maintenance and care:
1, do not put the drawing machine equipment placed in direct sunlight, should try to avoid the sun exposure and lead to deformation of the equipment and cracking.
2, should try to keep the equipment table clean and tidy, not on the table paste adhesive tape and other items, shall not be scored in the drawing machine table, in case of dust on the equipment, please use a wet towel dip soap and water to wipe, do not use alcohol , That day the water and other corrosive chemicals wipe the equipment.
3. Clean the dust and debris in the track and use the 4B-B pencil lead on both sides of the sliding track and slide on the lower rail of the sliding plate. , Drawing machine can be smooth to slide as new.
EPS Block Molding Machine forming characteristics:
1, EPS Block Moulding Machine The main frame is made of professional profiles and various special connections. The movement is stable and the precision is high.
2, EPS Block Moulding Machine using stepper motor, smooth movement, free speed, suitable for cutting special graphics need to stop the speed requirements, mechanical control accuracy of 0.5mm.
3, the voltage regulation: The machine is equipped with a 3KW transformer, and through the electronic regulator, the voltage output is 0 --- 70V adjustable. The cutting rack can be installed on the 20 heating wire, which can cut 20 the same pattern or text.
4, EPS Block Molding Machine using brand computer, the use of drawing and cutting software interface are in English logo and knowledgeable icon, easy to operate, the user as long as the drawing software in the drawing, in the cutting software to cut the code, the device will automatic running.
5, EPS Block Moulding Machine display with a display pattern, tracking cutting and other functions. Cutting speed adjustable, the maximum speed of 4000mm / min.
6, EPS Block Molding Machine has a travel protection function, when the movement stroke exceeds the specified stroke, the device automatically protects the stop. Also has a power memory, reverse cutting and rotation, mirror symmetry, gap compensation and other functions.
7, EPS Block Molding Machine can also be customized according to the needs of users of special specifications, to achieve your best choice.
EPS Block Molding Machine cut out the lines with a light weight, paste solid, free shape processing, and EPS wall insulation wall with the use of better results, easy installation, decorative lines (components) beautiful, smooth, seamless between the line, it Completely solve the external wall insulation cold, hot bridge problems, so that designers, construction division who play.
First, EPS Block Moulding Machine cut out the line EPS decorative line (component) the biggest advantage is that it completely solve the external wall insulation cold, hot bridge problems, so that designers, construction division to play, fresh Dripping fine.
Second, EPS Block Moulding Machine cut out the lines paste firmly. Decorative line (component) security is very important, especially the quality of life requirements, if only heavy landscaping, do not pay attention to safety that will bring great hidden dangers. EPS decorative line is not only light, but also very solid with the grass-roots wall bonding. It is mainly used for polymer mortar bonding, and polymer mortar is the organic glue is added to the inorganic material cement mortar mixing made, not only long life, and bonding firm, and has the national standards and norms, and in a large number of Engineering application proved feasible, is safe and reliable. Eliminating the use of anchor bolts fixed construction hazards and anchor corrosion caused by the quality of the accident.
Third, EPS Block Moulding Machine cut out the lines and EPS insulation wall with the use of better results in the rapid development of building energy today, EPS board external wall insulation system is the only preferred system, but the architect will worry about whether Will affect the realization of the effect of the facade, EPS decorative line completely eliminate the concerns of architects, not only that, but also allows the architects to design their own shape, with the formation of the perfect match with the insulation wall.