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EPS Block Moulding Machine Enter All Walks Of Life
Jul 18, 2017

EPS Block Moulding Machine enter all walks of life

The latest share of EPS Block Moulding Machine: EPS block molding machine equipment is the latest popular cutting equipment in recent years. It is applied in many industries and has broad market prospect. Like exterior wall thermal insulation, European architecture, and interior exterior decoration decoration are used in this equipment, and it is in line with the modern popular style to satisfy the taste of the masses.

So what are some of the magic features of EPS block-forming machines? Don't go away. Here are the answers.

First of all, EPS Block Moulding Machine is a multi-function device which is controlled by computer and used CAD drawing to realize automatic cutting. It can cut anything you can imagine. Host this equipment including cutting machine electric cabinet, drives, stepper motor or serve motor, the control host computer, its main technical characteristics are cutting machine host by vertical cutting on either side of the bed and fixed in the bed frame, the bed body has driven by stepping motor synchronous cog belt, guide and fixed on the guide rail slider.

Secondly, high quality flat feet, equipment moving parts adopt precision/high wear-resisting material, to ensure that the lathe bed life, and are equipped with multistage contact voltage regulator to adjust current and working state/non-work state air cooling system, to improve the service life of the heating wire, in addition, the machine also has a power trip protection/protection/hand from one device and simulate/pause/stop/reset, and other functions.

EPS block molding machine equipment cutting efficiency is high, in addition, this device has a horizontal hanging wire, but production of special products of length 300 cm, 200 cm wide, can hang 20 hot wire forming group processing, meet a foreign body block affects only the single wire, cutting process does not destroy the whole group, suitable for cutting 8-30 kg bulk density of EPS, EPE foam benzene plate transverse cutting. If processing 1 product takes 1 minute, the cutter will hang 30 hot silk group processing, 1 minute 1 time cut 30 root, the work effect is doubled and the product precision is identical.

EPS Block Moulding Machine is newest sharing: life, the use of building materials is necessary, that you have used some, such as EPS Block Moulding Machine, EPS Block Moulding Machine, although we often use, but some matters needing attention before use a lot of people don't know, today small make up take you to understand is that the knowledge of the respect, let us and see it.

You also need to put the frame level in the Y to the drag board, adjust the adjustment screw at the bottom of the bed, and adjust the installation level of the machine, which can not exceed 0.04/1000mm. Let's see if we have any.

EPS Block Moulding Machine machine installed, when need to loosen the locking mechanism between the slide, and then use very clean fuel to clean the screw, nut and other components, slide guide rail and the transmission parts. Keep the ball bearings in the middle of the guide rail and shake the handle throughout the trip. The weight of the handle needs to be consistent. It is not possible to shake the handle when it is not released.