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EPS Block Moulding Machine Maintenance Items And Methods
Jul 28, 2017

EPS Block Moulding Machine Maintenance Items and Methods
(1) EPS Block Moulding Machine should be cleaned once every working day, every working day before get off work arrangements for 10-15 minutes.
(2) cleaning content: work table. Countertop frame. Blower. Host shell. Host radiator. Welding machine and computer.
(3) cleaning requirements: host shell. Work table should be done without dust, particles. Countertop frame, blower without fouling. Control box radiator, computer host, welding machine application brush clean, scrubbed with water, should be no dust particles and any fouling, computer surface and keyboard should be no dust.
(4) EPS Block Moulding Machine lubrication maintenance work: Y-axis gear, Z-axis chain, Z-axis guide.
(5) Y-axis gears should be added once a week Lubricants (butter); Z-axis chain, Z-axis rails once a week with a lubricant (oil), lubrication time every Saturday.
(6) Transformer should check the cable connection at the screw fastening, flat pad, spring pad complete, no rust oxidation and other undesirable phenomena. Check the wiring cable exposed length of less than 10mm, the chassis ground firmly.
(7) Check the transformer output wiring specifications, solid, and outlet direction down close to the vertical, and the horizontal angle must be greater than 70 degrees.
(8) EPS Block Moulding Machine before the daily must check the work of the ground wire, power lines and communication lines and the availability of a reliable connection.
EPS Block Moulding Machine design is based on the use of domestic manufacturers more than the actual experience and requirements, in more than 10 years experience in the design and use of integrated design. The height of the device has the advantages of small volume, new appearance, full function, high precision, stable and reliable performance. Contains most of the features of foreign high-end booster
EPS Block Moulding Machine using advanced computer control system, directly on the computer to draw a variety of graphics, and then enter the console directly cut. Users can also use the U disk will need to cut the pattern or text of the 3B code input controller directly cut. The display has the function of displaying the cutting pattern, cutting cutting and so on. Cutting speed adjustable, the movement speed of 4000-10000mm / min (adjustable). Parameter settings simple and convenient. EPS Block Moulding Machine with travel protection function, when the movement stroke beyond the provisions of the trip, the device automatically protected to stop. Also has a power memory, reverse cutting and rotation, mirror symmetry, gap compensation and other functions. In addition to the above characteristics, EPS Block Moulding Machine is your first choice. In recent years, with the modernization of new building materials in China, the requirements for new building materials are increasingly high, the development of new, energy saving, environmental protection, high-quality new building materials equipment has become the focus of many enterprises
EPS Block Moulding Machine in the processing of finished products, our staff also need to carry out these products conservation, repair, cutting and packaging, look at the specific operation:
First, the finished product maintenance, repair code release
1, the production line down the semi-finished products, hands, the body can not touch the plaster surface, gently, neatly, flat code on the semi-finished stent, to maintain flat, straight, neat not to make the line deformation.
2, generally about a day, do not move and contact lines, in the normal conservation, special requirements as appropriate treatment.
3, the second plaster after the completion of the day or so, EPS Block Moulding Machine the production of finished lines for quality inspection, small defects to be carefully repair, repair the appearance of the line should be consistent with the line. Big defects are scrapped.