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EPS Cutting Machine Maintenance
Aug 09, 2017

EPS Cutting Machine maintenance
  In the machining process, the plate cutting commonly used methods are manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine cutting and EPS Cutting Machine cutting. Manual cutting flexible and convenient, but the poor quality of manual cutting, size error, material waste, follow-up processing workload, while poor working conditions, low production efficiency. Semi-automatic cutting machine in the profile cutting machine, cutting the workpiece quality is better, because of its use of cutting mold, not suitable for single, small batch and large workpiece cutting. Other types of semi-automatic cutting machine, although reducing the labor intensity of workers, but its function is simple, only suitable for some more regular shape of the parts cut. CNC cutting relative to the manual and semi-automatic cutting method, can effectively improve the efficiency of cutting plate, cutting quality, reduce the operator's labor intensity. Some small and medium enterprises in China even in some large enterprises in the use of manual cutting and semi-automatic cutting method is also more common. China's steel industry has reached more than 300 million tons of steel, steel cutting is very large; with the development of modern machinery industry, sheet metal cutting work efficiency and product quality requirements are also increased, so EPS Cutting Machine market The potential is still great, the market outlook is more optimistic.
  EPS Cutting Machine workplace and work environment is relatively poor, metal dust is relatively large. Therefore, the machine must be a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance, should be responsible for the equipment lubrication, maintenance and maintenance work!
1. Safe operation:
EPS Cutting Machine is a sophisticated equipment, so the operation of the cutting machine must be three (fixed, fixed machine, post).
Operators must be professionally trained and proficient in operation, non-professionals do not move.
Before the operation must be confirmed without external interference, all normal, the cutting of the plate hanging on the cutting platform, the plate can not exceed the cutting range (Note: in the hoisting to be careful).
2. Daily maintenance and maintenance:
Every working day must clean the machine and guide the dirt, so that the bed to keep clean, get off work off the gas source and power, while emptying the machine tube in the remaining gas.
If you leave the machine for a long time to turn off the power to prevent non-professional operation.
Pay attention to observe the machine horizontal, longitudinal rails and rack surface with or without lubricating oil, so that good lubrication!
3. Weekly maintenance and maintenance:
Every week to the machine to conduct a comprehensive clean, EPS Cutting Machine horizontal, vertical rails, transmission gear rack cleaning, filling lubricants.
Check whether the vertical and horizontal wrenches are working properly, if not properly replaced.
Check all the torch is loose, clean up the ignition point of the garbage, so that the ignition to maintain normal.
If you automatically increase the device, the test is sensitive, whether to replace the probe.
Check if the plasma cutting tip is damaged with the electrode and whether the nozzle and electrode need to be replaced.
four. Month and quarterly maintenance:
Check whether the total intake of garbage, EPS Cutting Machine the valve and the pressure gauge is working properly.
Check that all tracheal joints are loose and that all tubes are free of damage. If necessary, fasten or replace.
Check all gears for loosening, check gears and racks, and adjust if necessary.
Loosen the tightening device, push the pulley by hand, whether to come and go freely, if the abnormal situation in time to adjust or replace.
Check whether the clamping block, steel belt and guide wheel are loose, the steel belt is tight and adjust if necessary.
Check the power cabinet and operating platform, the fastening screws are loose, with a vacuum cleaner or blower to clean the cabinet dust. Check if the terminal is loose (see the electrical instructions for details)