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EPS Cutting Machine Technical Advantages
Aug 30, 2017

EPS Cutting Machine technical advantages
With the demand for building decoration, now many buildings will be used on the external walls of EPS foam lines to decorate, so that we can bring a more stylish appearance of our buildings in the production of these EPS lines, the need to use our EPS Cutting Machine JH -5, to ensure that these lines of cutting quality, the cutting machine technology on our line of great influence, then we come together to understand the technical advantages of these EPS Cutting Machine, see how it is the foam line cut of.
EPS Cutting Machine by the manual completion of the parts of the graphics analysis, process processing, numerical calculation, and then the list of procedures to enter the key press system, the system will be based on the input program to execute, and ultimately get the required graphics. EPS Cutting Machine equipment has easy operation, high precision, reduce the polystyrene sheet waste and so on. The use of rectangular steel pipe manufacturing, EPS Cutting Machine structure is reasonable. Electric wire cutting, smooth running, smooth and smooth. Simple operation, easy maintenance. Automatic programming The use of computers or programming machines to complete the process of parts preparation process, for the complex parts is very convenient. EPS Cutting Machine with stepper motor, in addition to running smoothly, free speed, high precision control, but also with the software acceleration and deceleration curve control to achieve a variety of graphics cutting speed and accuracy requirements CNC bracket and fixed bracket, forming. You can also use the U disk to cut the file directly into the cutting. Operation interface intuitive, tracking cutting path and the machine's various states such as limit, alarm, the operation of the axis and so on.
Now we are around these EPS Cutting Machine technology more and more advanced, in these foam lines on the cutting work to show excellent performance, the traditional EPS Cutting Machine in the cutting time is not only complicated operation, and cut out the quality of the foam line is not Very good, and now the advanced EPS Cutting Machine can guarantee the quality of our foam lines cutting, improve the efficiency of cutting, we can see these EPS Cutting Machine in our side to play the advantage is still great.
Foam lines are our modern buildings often use the material, its use to our building to add a color, EPS Cutting Machine is our production of foam lines must be used when the equipment, EPS line sets of automatic mortar JH-5 Is our common EPS Cutting Machine, but the other hand, the development of China's EPS Cutting Machine, or not too much is the actual progress, which we have to analyze the development of China's EPS Cutting Machine constraints.
Green, environmental protection, sustainable development, recycling, has become the focus of global attention. In this environment, remanufacturing has become an important component and development direction of advanced manufacturing technology. It is a concrete manifestation of the development of industrialization to a certain extent. It is a powerful starting point for realizing sustainable development and building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. , But also become the benchmark for the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry. Since the 1940s, the developed countries have always attached great importance to the development of remanufacturing industries. And China's current remanufacturing industry is still mainly in the theoretical research and enterprise pilot phase. Remanufacturing in the country is still in its infancy, the constraints of the domestic EPS Cutting Machine re-manufacturing the lack of uniform standards, resulting in the quality of remanufacturing products lack of measurement standards. The effective recovery of equipment is difficult to achieve, China has not yet open up the free flow of spare parts market, the formal re-manufacturing enterprises to obtain the old pieces is very difficult. State-related support policies are not perfect, such as tax policy. Domestic consumer perception of the concept of remanufacturing products is far less than the new product.
Now, many buildings around the use of foam lines to decorate the external walls of the building, which we have increased the demand for the bubble line, but in recent years, we are constantly developing new EPS Cutting Machine, in order to produce quality Better foam lines, although compared to foreign advanced EPS Cutting Machine, we still have a lot of shortcomings, but we grow the pace we all see, I believe that we will be more advanced EPS Cutting Machine.