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EPS Shape Molding Machine Cut Out The Workpiece Specifications Are Not Allowed To Do
Sep 20, 2017

EPS Shape Molding Machine Cut out the workpiece specifications are not allowed to do
EPS Shape Molding Machine is mainly used for foam board, dovetail groove, saw groove, trapezoidal groove and other profiled trough, European architectural eaves line, foot line, Roman column cylinder cutting, and color plate sandwich foam various shapes of cutting And so on, all two-dimensional graphics can be cut.
EPS Shape Molding Machine In the use of the process, often appear cut out of the workpiece specifications are not allowed appearance. The primary reason is because the cutting machine precision question: cutting machine precision includes mechanical precision and electronic precision. Mechanical accuracy is mainly affected by the straightness of the guide rail, parallelism, level, gear or strip transmission accuracy, the cut path of the level also affect the accuracy of the workpiece. Electronic precision by the numerical control system software and motion control card, pulse equivalent, servo and servo drive and so on, especially the pulse equivalent of the hypothesis is not accurate, will constitute a cut round is not round, large parts of the norm is not equal. To see the cutting machine precision is also very simple, just in the torch mounted on the needle, the work of cutting machine calibration process can be crossed to check.
CNC foam cutting machine after several decades of open, in the cut power and CNC control system has made two aspects of the open, cut the power from a single flame power cut open for a variety of its power (flame, Plasma, laser, high pressure water jet) cutting method; CNC foam cutting machine control system has been the beginning of the simple function, mixed programming and complex input method, the degree of automation is not open to a perfect function, intelligent, graphical, network Of the control method; drive system from the stepper drive, follow the servo drive to today's all-digital servo drive.
EPS Shape Molding Machine is a CNC machine that can cut eps foam into any shape of decorative lines. Driving the heating foam in the X and Y directions by means of a stepper motor to heat the heating wire, which allows fast and accurate cutting of the foam. Each EPS Shape Molding Machine has four stepper motors that control the X-axis, Y-axis, and high-performance Ni-Cr alloy heating wire.
EPS Shape Molding Machine How it works:
1, the machine can be controlled by the computer X-axis, Y-axis, the use of heated electric wire at the same time horizontal or vertical different shapes of cutting.
2, enter the computer's product graphics in two ways: directly with computer-specific line cutting software to draw or scan graphics board to the graphics input to the computer.
EPS Shape Molding Machine Use:
The machine is mainly used for EPS foam cutting, according to CAD drawings for different shapes of cutting.
EPS Shape Molding Machine Features:
1, EPS Shape Molding Machine The main frame is made of rectangular steel pipe and various special connection parts. The movement is stable, the structure is reasonable, the performance is stable, the precision is high, the technology is advanced and the operation is simple. The use of this product can save time and effort. , Save raw materials;
2, EPS Shape Molding Machine using stepper motor, smooth movement, free speed, suitable for cutting special graphics need to stop the speed requirements;
3, the display has a display cutting patterns, tracking and cutting functions;
4, EPS Shape Molding Machine has a travel protection function, when the movement stroke exceeds the specified stroke, the device automatically protects the stop;
5, you can also hang a number of electric wire, while cutting eps foam, the foam cut more than pieces.