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EPS Shape Moulding Machine Are Widely Used In Architectural Decoration
Jul 18, 2017

EPS Shape Moulding Machine are widely used in architectural decoration

EPS Shape Moulding Machine line machinery newest share: in decorating, EPS shape forming machine component special surface treatment line, convenient to use material province, weight light, transportation and installation; Extensive energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon, related products, more energy saving, more environmental protection, more cost cutting, more and more widely used in the construction industry, with extremely high utilization rate. It may be that many people don't understand that EPS in foreign markets are shaped like a machine, but they have a large market.

One, paste firm. EPS Shape Moulding Machine mainly and wall and polymer adhesive mortar, polymer mortar applied to inorganic materials, mixed into cement mortar, the long life of organic adhesive, bonding and firm, and national standards and specifications, and in a large, to show the number of engineering application is safe and reliable, thus avoiding the use of anchor and anchor fixed structure corrosion problems, but also solve the exterior insulation cold, hot bridge problem.

2. The quality of EPS shape forming machine component, EPS Shape Moulding Machine line is polystyrene, and the product weight is about 1/6 of the GRC decoration line, which can be moved and constructed freely. Fire, water, decay, mildew, cracking. The construction is convenient and simple, suitable for various indoor and outdoor decoration materials, is a kind of green environmental protection new decoration material.

EPS Shape Moulding Machine mortar mixer latest report: in the process of domestic outfit, EPS Shape Moulding Machine line these adornment gesso line, is to use very much, this kind of EPS Shape Moulding Machine line is in the process of actual execution, the maintenance of EPS Shape Moulding Machine line can be divided into several stages and in different ways.

First in carries on the oxidation of sichuan EPS Shape Moulding Machine line said at the time of the early should make its have enough strength, make it at the time of demoulding and handling from damage.

After maintenance, when the products are stored and used, there are obvious differences between the surrounding and curing stages, and the controlled post-maintenance is necessary. This can take some simple steps to keep the pieces stored in the process to avoid direct sunlight. In the depositing stage, the EPS shape forming line should reach the strength of the design. The protection of this stage is to limit the shrinkage.

Secondly, the main maintenance is before and after ejection; After modification, usually with clean and high quality polyethylene film to encase the mold, this is to prevent the EPS Shape Moulding Machine line evaporation of moisture content and is affected by the wind, but also help to keep water.

After the last is the stripping of EPS Shape Moulding Machine line should continue to be protected, to avoid affected by sunlight, wind and low humidity, general situation still use plastic film cover the EPS Shape Moulding Machine line, side under direct sunlight. It is also possible to maintain local humidity by spraying mist.

EPS Shape Moulding Machine is emerging in China in recent years of a kind of building decoration materials, the emergence of it caused a huge response in domestic design, and quickly get the recognition of domestic numerous designers and adopted. Its appearance completely upended the exterior wall decoration line can only use the tradition of GRC and gypsum, in the construction industry is widely regarded. Compared with traditional GRC and gypsum, the advantages of the new EPS Shape Moulding Machines are:

(1) there is no gap between the lines. The EPS Shape Moulding Machine strips are used to fill the material with the same gap between the wall and the wall, and all the gaps disappear, and there will be no cracks in the future use.

(2) environmental protection: the use of synthetic fiber as raw materials to achieve the national standard of non-toxic and innocuous green products.

(3) paste firmly. EPS Shape Moulding Machine is mainly used polymer bonding mortar with metope, polymer mortar is to add organic glue to cement mortar mixing inorganic material, long service life, the binding is firm, and has been the national standards and specifications, and in a large number of engineering applications proved to be safe and reliable, thus avoided by using bolt fixed way construction and anchor bolt corrosion hidden trouble, also solved the exterior insulation of cold and hot bridge problem.

(4) the installation is simple, with special adhesive materials and methods, a person can install construction, especially large line engineering, only need to bond installation. The decorative pattern is clear and natural, elegant and luxurious.

(5) quality light, EPS Shape Moulding Machine line aggregate is polystyrene, its finished product weight is about 1/6 of GRC decoration line, one person can be moved and construction at will. And fire, water - proof, mothproof, anti-mildew, anti - crack. The construction is convenient and simple, applicable to all kinds of indoor, outdoor decorative materials, is a kind of green new decorative material.