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EPS Shape Moulding Machine Cutting Technology And Characteristics
Jul 28, 2017

EPS Shape Moulding Machine cutting technology and characteristics
With the development of China's modernization drive, the construction industry is growing, the demand for building insulation materials is growing, as the main building materials for building insulation materials EPS Shape Moulding Machine more and more widely, the corresponding foam EPS shape molding machine The degree of automation requirements are getting higher and higher, many new electrical technology used in EPS Shape Moulding Machine, especially PLC, inverter and other smart appliances after the application, so that foam EPS Shape Moulding Machine function more powerful.
EPS Shape Moulding Machine is a machine controlled by a computer that can cut any three-dimensional product from extruded and expanded EPS (polystyrene) foam.
The three-dimensional model is machined by a computer-controlled actuator (stepper motor) that drives the heated heating wire to travel in the X and Y directions. This allows fast and accurate cutting of the foam. The control of the precision allows us to cut out almost any shape of the material from the same thickness as the thickness of the desired product. By designing and cutting multiple faces of an article, it is also possible to form a more complex three-dimensional product. The use of a turntable (an additional device on the EPSEPS Shape Moulding Machine) is generally used for profiling, or it can be cut out of a rotating body, including a sphere. EPS Foam EPS Shape Molding Machine Structure In our foam EPS Shape Moulding Machine, there are 8 miniature stepping motors: X-axis 4, Y-axis 2, turntable 1, side bracket 1, these high The quality of the 2Amp motor ensures a high degree of accuracy and life.
EPS Shape Moulding Machine molding machine light and strong, and there are amazing cutting accuracy and repeatability. The heating wire / fan box is the place where the electric wire is fixed. When cutting, it depends on the micro fan to cool the heating wire, and at the same time rely on a special spring to compensate for the elongation of the heating wire. High-performance electric wire, this high-life alloy wire is composed of nickel, chromium, cobalt, molybdenum and titanium, the length can be elongated, can speed up the cutting speed and have a long life. EPScutter motion analysis processing software controls fully automatic turntables, making it possible to cut rotors such as cylinders and spheres. The side brackets are a fully automated tool controlled by EPScutter motion analysis software that allows you to cut out all possible rotors, such as cylinders, pillars, and so on. The material is mounted on a nail on a nail disk.
 EPS Shape Moulding Machine wire motor abnormal reasons:
1 wire motor suddenly stopped, may be two-phase voltage fluctuations too much or the voltage is too low
2. Take advantage of the motor without the brakes, the fuse may be blown or the diode is punctured
3. Wire break protection does not work, may use too long
4. The conductive block is dirty, causing the conductive block to be insulated from the machine
5. Mode switch in the off state machine can not start, may be bad or broken wire protection switch circuit failure
EPS Shape Moulding Machine take wire motor abnormal inspection method:
1 pick up into the line voltage amplitude and volatility, should be within the normal range, or improve the power quality
2 check the FU fuse is blown, if the fuse will check whether the brake diode breakdown, EPS Shape Moulding Machine if the breakdown, then replace and then replace the fuse
3 check the conductive block and clean, check the wire protection effect, remove the conductive block on the wire; start the machine, if the start is proof of broken wire protection does not work
4 check the cleaning conductive block and check the circuit
5 check the upper and lower conductive block and the contact between the key wire is good, the conductive block of the lead wire is released, and the electrical box connection is disconnected, or replace the wire protection switch and the total control panel.