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EPS Shape Moulding Machine In The Way Of Thermal Cutting The Advantages
Aug 09, 2017

EPS Shape Moulding Machine in the way of thermal cutting the advantages
  EPS Shape Moulding Machine is also one of the thermal cutting method, then the laser cutting and oxygen acetylene cutting and plasma cutting, and so on other thermal cutting method compared to the specific advantages of what? We can probably summarize the following aspects:
    1. Cutting quality: due to the small laser spot, high energy density, cutting speed, so EPS Shape Moulding Machine can get a better cutting quality.
    ① laser cutting incision narrow, both sides of the slit parallel and perpendicular to the surface, cutting parts of the dimensional accuracy of up to ± 0.05mm.
    ② cutting surface smooth and beautiful, the surface roughness of only a few tens of microns, and even laser cutting can be used as a last process, without mechanical processing, parts can be used directly.
    ③ After laser cutting, the width of the heat affected zone is very small, the performance of the material near the slit is almost unaffected, and the workpiece deformation is small, the cutting precision is high, the geometrical shape of the slit is good, and the cross section shape of the slit is more regular The rectangle.
    2. Cutting efficiency: Due to the transmission characteristics of the laser, EPS Shape Moulding Machine is usually equipped with multiple CNC table, the entire cutting process can achieve all the NC. Operation, just change the NC program, you can apply different shapes of cutting parts, both two-dimensional cutting, but also to achieve three-dimensional cutting.
    3. Cutting speed: with a power of 1200W laser cutting 2mm thick low carbon steel plate, cutting speed up to 15000px / min; cutting 5mm thick polypropylene resin board, cutting speed up to 30000px / min. Material in the laser cutting does not need to clamp fixed, can save fixture, but also save the upper and lower auxiliary time.
    4. Non-contact cutting: laser cutting torch and the workpiece without contact, there is no tool wear. Processing different parts of the shape, do not need to replace the "tool", just change the laser output parameters. Laser cutting process low noise, small vibration, no pollution.
    5. Types of cutting materials: Compared with oxyacetylene cutting and plasma cutting, laser cutting materials, including metal, non-metallic, metal and non-metallic matrix composites, leather, wood and fiber. However, for different materials, due to their own thermal physical properties and the absorption rate of different laser, showing a different laser cutting adaptability.
    From the market situation, the laser processing market grew steadily, in the context of weak macroeconomic and industrial demand, laser processing equipment with its high-end processing market in the business needs still maintain a steady growth in the size of the industry, in the technical field, EPS Shape Moulding Machine than the traditional machine tool cutting and other hot processing, with multiple technical advantages, and high-end processing market requirements of high precision, low wear and high efficiency requirements are consistent.
 EPS Shape Moulding Machine main structural features:
1: walking machine tool for the gantry structure, the frame consists of beams and longitudinal beams. With the speed of positive and negative thrust balance technology, the last gear and the meshing gap between the rack can be automatically eliminated, so as to ensure that the machine in continuous movement and frequent positive and negative transmission accuracy.
2: electrical system: the use of high precision, the function of the servo system, the control box is equipped with a filter dust filter function of the cooling fan to ensure high temperature, dust and smoke in the long-term use of the reliability of the environment.
3: CNC system: According to the cutting material and machine characteristics to adjust the preheat delay, perforation torch lift delay, perforation delay and other parameters. With plate straightening, cutting compensation, breakpoint recovery, the original track back processing, Transfer cutting, arbitrary block start, punch point selection, cutting gun arbitrary position adjustment and selection, pre-ride contour, part rotation, mirror, array, scaling and other processing methods.