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EPS Shape Moulding Machine Processing Costs By What Factors
Aug 30, 2017

EPS Shape Moulding Machine processing costs by what factors
Many people are complaining that today's production costs are increasing year by year, the production of less and less income, which is affected by various aspects of factors. EPS cutting machine as EPS line production and processing equipment will be used, if less it, the cost of production and processing will be significantly increased, but with it, sometimes other factors unreasonable control of the deterioration of the production cost is only high not low of. So, EPS Shape Moulding Machine production cost factors and we analyze one or two bar.
Energy: China is developing a new resource tax system, with the relative reduction of China's energy, energy prices pressure is continued to increase. The new resource tax system will increase the high pollution, high energy consumption enterprises tax collection, and this part of the tax burden will eventually reflect the EPS Shape Moulding Machine production and processing costs up.
Environment: the production of environmentally friendly products, not only requires the improvement of quality control level, but also means that R & D and environmental protection equipment, testing EPS Shape Moulding Machine equipment investment increased, the government is increasingly demanding environmental protection, before the cost of pollution by the environment To ** the way has become the past, strict environmental regulations, will inevitably lead to sewage, waste treatment costs increase.
Today, our production and use of industrial production and processing equipment more and more, the use of these production equipment greatly facilitates our lives, many of which equipment in the use of time to do a good job of moisture-proof measures, including our EPS Shape Moulding Machine, although it is used in the performance of the advantages are also very large, but the most basic moisture treatment is still very important, the following we come to understand the EPS shape of the machine under the moisture treatment how to do it
The cabinet as far as possible to do the seal, the installation of moisture in the cooling hole sponge, requiring customers to regularly replace the sponge, spraying, dipping, potting and other processes for important equipment for waterproofing. EPS Shape Moulding Machine using electrical equipment moisture protection agent, the use of low moisture absorption of electronic components and structural materials. The surface of the electronic circuit board coated with acrylic film protective agent or silicone resin film protective agent to avoid moisture intrusion, the infrequent use of EPS Shape Moulding Machine, should be placed in the electrical cabinet of the amount of desiccant, and then with the protection Hood well In the wet, to take shortening the placement of internal equipment within the desiccant replacement cycle, the use of reusable discoloration of silica gel desiccant, one can be used in the wet water after the discoloration for the use of two can be recycled for heating and then re-use, reduce costs, The electrical cabinet of the workshop is cleaned and cleaned to ensure the cleanliness of the electrical cabinet. The parts of the electrical equipment are replaced every year according to the actual production, especially the aging of the electrical cabinet or the aging of the motor line.
Through the EPS Shape Moulding Machine moisture treatment, I believe we all know that the EPS Shape Moulding Machine the most basic use of the matter, with the past few years around the building in the construction of the time to use these EPS lines, so now The demand for these lines also become more, so we EPS Shape Moulding Machine manufacturers have to continue to increase the EPS Shape Moulding Machine production efforts to improve product quality, this EPS line was more popular with everyone's welcome.
Now our lives, there are very many kinds of daily necessities, the common is the plastic material products. The use of plastic products in our lives is very extensive, mainly because of its low cost and pollution-free, but we have the appearance of the supplies are also required, so in the process of making foam lines are Will use the foam line cutting machine, so as to meet the needs of people in the appearance of supplies. At present the new equipment on the market is EPS Shape Moulding Machine, then this equipment has what function design principle? We together to understand the next.
First, EPS Shape Moulding Machine to market demand-oriented principle Mechanical design as a production activity, and the market is closely linked from the design issues, use requirements, technical indicators, design and manufacturing time to come up with the overall program , The feasibility study, the designer should always think about how to design products in order to be competitive, able to capture the market, favored by the users.
Second, the creative principle of creation is the human ability.Human beings do not play their own creativity, production can not develop, science and technology will not progress, there is no human today.Design only as a creative activity has a strong vitality. , Not to innovate, can only fall behind others.Especially in today's world of rapid development of science and technology in the case of mechanical design in the design of the principle of theft is particularly important.