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How To Ensure The Safe Use Of EPS Cutting Machine
Nov 02, 2017

How to ensure the safe use of EPS Cutting Machine
In the modern production, for the use of some high-end machinery more and more, like EPS Cutting Machine is widely used in a variety of production, then the use of such high-end technology to ensure the safety of security, here to sum up the relevant Experience knowledge for your reference.
In use should pay attention to the specific position of the machine and personnel
We all know that the use of EPS Cutting Machine is very extensive, and for this high-precision equipment to use, to ensure safety, the first thing is to do to use the specific settings, specifically there are three points, respectively, the use of people Specific, operational specific and machine specific, that is to say using EPS Cutting Machine must have a special staff corresponding to a specific machine to operate.
The operator must ensure that the skilled use
The use of EPS Cutting Machine for cutting production, when the operation must be carried out by the professional skills of the technical staff to operate, for the use of EPS Cutting Machine training are related to the skills of the certificate, for non-professional operators must not Free to operate, not only to prevent damage to the machine, but also to avoid improper operation caused by the potential danger.
Do not remove external disturbances before starting cutting
We say that for the operation of the EPS Cutting Machine related personnel, not only to the operation of the machine has a very good skill, while the use of its cutting, the first thing to do is to remove all the external use of the machine will be The impact of the operation, while removing the impact on the operator, be sure to operate in a state of concentration to ensure safety.
Only a comprehensive understanding of the relevant security aspects of the knowledge to ensure that we use the EPS Cutting Machine when more security, it is better for our production to help.
In daily life, what will be done to the auxiliary tools, if only we rely solely on human, then it will certainly be tired will be too much, so the production of the machine, not just our usual engineering robot, Sweep these things have robots, cutting we use the EPS Cutting Machine, the following Xiaobian to talk about the common characteristics of EPS Cutting Machine and the use of the situation.
From the cutting method to compare the characteristics can be divided into multiple types, the beginning of an EPS Cutting Machine, it has a large thickness of the cutting capacity, this kind of EPS Cutting Machine, its cost is relatively low, it is suitable for Some of the thicker steel cutting, but the problem is the cutting deformation, the accuracy is not very high, with the speed is very slow, warm up a long time, so this kind of EPS Cutting Machine is soon plasma cutting Instead.
EPS Cutting Machine This an EPS Cutting Machine, you can cut all the metal material, and its cutting speed is very efficient, you can cut the diameter of the thickness is also high, the speed can reach more than ten meters per minute, so this one EPS Cutting Machine is very common now, and this kind of EPS Cutting Machine at work can also produce noise, harmful substances, dust, etc., the air pollution of the material. To make effective improvements and reductions.
Society in the continuous progress, so we slowly from the artificial into the machine, and then slowly upgrade from the machine into a better, EPS Cutting Machine has been undergoing transformation and upgrading, from the most primitive flame EPS Cutting Machine, to the subsequent plasma EPS Cutting Machine, and now there are laser EPS Cutting Machine, high pressure water jet EPS Cutting Machine and other EPS Cutting Machine, all things are upgrading, we also hope that the future of EPS Cutting Machine better More perfect development.