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How To Properly Carry Out Dust Removal Operation On EPS Block Moulding Machine
Aug 18, 2017

How to properly carry out dust removal operation on EPS Block Moulding Machine
  A large number of dust cover will give EPS Block Moulding Machine cutting operation inconvenience, smoke and gas will also damage the health of the operator and the surrounding people, so dust is a necessary work, now offers the following two ways for your reference.
For the plasma cutting in the workshop, you can use the local soot treatment plus the workshop ventilation to reduce and eliminate its impact.Currently, in the EPS Block Moulding Machine station dust treatment, usually using dry treatment or wet Processing method.
1. Wet treatment (wet cutting)
In fact, the production of a waterbed cutting platform, the workpiece placed in the water or water, and then in the water or close to the surface of the water to complete the cutting operations, water to capture the cutting process of dust, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the environment.
2. Dry processing (dry cutting)
It is for the cutting work platform to add a set of dust collection device, and the capture of the dust directly transported to the dust filter purification equipment, unified filter processing standards and then to be discharged.Prase cutting the dust generated is basically formed in the workpiece incision In order to save equipment investment and improve the efficiency of the exhaust, that is, with a small amount of suction to achieve a higher amount of dust collection - only in the front of the smoke and dust collection system is the most common smoke and dust collection device The cutting process in the area of the dust treatment, so the cutting platform along the EPS Block Moulding Machine main rail direction will be divided into (uniform) closed small area, the side of the open outlet. Suction outlet work in the form of side suction Suction and suction chamber side wall valve suction outlet points, of which the former because of the structure is simple, reliable and dust removal effect is better and is widely used.
Many people complain that today's production costs are increasing year by year, and the proceeds of production are less and less, which are affected by various aspects. EPS Block Moulding Machine for the EPS line production and processing equipment will be used, if less it, the cost of production and processing will be significantly increased, but with it, sometimes other factors unreasonable control of the deterioration of the production cost is only high low. So, EPS line EPS Block Moulding Machine production cost factors and we analyze one or two bar.
Energy: China is developing a new resource tax system, with the relative reduction of China's energy, energy prices pressure is continued to increase. The new resource tax system will increase the high pollution, high energy consumption enterprises tax collection, and this part of the tax burden will eventually reflect the EPS Block Moulding Machine production and processing costs up.
Environment: The production of environmentally friendly products, not only requires the improvement of quality control level, but also means that R & D and environmental protection equipment, testing EPS Block Moulding Machine equipment investment increased, the government increasingly demanding environmental protection, before the cost of pollution by the environment To ** the way has become the past, strict environmental regulations, will inevitably lead to sewage, waste treatment costs increase.
Technology: a core R & D team, in the R & D and equipment improvement strength, relative to other companies, high competitiveness, so, usually to increase innovation and maintain technology in an invincible position.
In the above and we share the use of EPS Block Moulding Machine, the impact of cost factors, energy, environment and technology will produce film and television. So, if you want to buy affordable, good quality EPS Block Moulding Machine, welcome to Changzhou Jinheng landscape engineering company to buy.