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How To Properly Carry Out Dust Removal Operation On EPS Cutting Machine
Sep 08, 2017

How to properly carry out dust removal operation on EPS Cutting Machine
             A large number of dust cover will give EPS Cutting Machine cutting operation inconvenience, smoke and gas will also damage the health of the operator and the surrounding staff, so dust is a necessary work, now offers the following two ways for your reference.
    For the plasma cutting in the workshop, the local soot treatment can be used to reduce the overall ventilation with the workshop to reduce and eliminate its impact.Currently, in the EPS Cutting Machine station dust treatment, usually using dry treatment or wet treatment the way.
    1. Wet treatment (wet cutting)
    In fact, the production of a waterbed cutting platform, the workpiece placed in the water or water, and then underwater or close to the surface of the water to complete the cutting operations, water to capture the cutting process of dust generated, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the environment.
    2. Dry processing (dry cutting)
    It is for the cutting work platform to add a set of dust collection device, and the capture of the dust directly transported to the dust filter purification equipment, unified filtration treatment standards and then to be discharged.Prase cutting the dust produced is basically formed in the workpiece incision , So the suction-type negative pressure cutting platform has become the most common dust collector. In order to save equipment investment and improve the efficiency of the exhaust, that is, with a small suction capacity to achieve a higher amount of dust collection - The cutting process in the area of the vacuum processing, so the cutting platform along the main direction of the EPS Cutting Machine will be divided into (uniform) closed small area, the side of the open outlet. Suction outlet work in the form of side suction mobile suction Outlet and suction chamber side wall of the valve-type suction points of which the former because of the structure is simple, reliable and dust removal effect is better and is widely used.
 The small EPS Cutting Machine is still for foam, sponge and other chemical raw materials long-term processing facilities. For the moment, the key in accordance with the temperature of the resistance wire long-term cutting, because the aluminum wire fine cutting can not be deformed, smooth incision, no margin. Small EPS Cutting Machine key is best used in the cutting of foam raw materials, EPS Cutting Machine can be rigid foam, soft foam, plastic cut into square, rectangular, bar, etc., with cutting efficiency not only saves the cost, but also improved Great efficiency.
, Cutting size corresponds to the advantages of high precision. Small EPS Cutting Machine usually maintenance and maintenance: 1. Then you can not put the EPS Cutting Machine in the place where the sun radiation, so as to avoid the sun exposure caused by the equipment from the skin and cracking. 2. Do as much as possible to make the facilities clean and tidy, be sure to paste the adhesive tape and other items on the table, not on the EPS Cutting Machine table surface scribing, encountered dust on the facilities, please use hot water rinse, do not use other items , And other highly corrosive chemical wipe equipment. 3. Please use the 4B-B pencil lead on both sides of the sliding track and slide on the lower rail of the sliding plate when the front and rear right skateboards and the left and right are too dry and difficult to use. Plan, EPS Cutting Machine can be restored as the slide. Not the same type of small EPS Cutting Machine will be some of the same!
EPS Cutting Machine is the use of CNC system in the pretreatment technology to optimize the CNC cutting process, remove the excess entities, to avoid random running and repeat cutting, compression and cutting procedures to ensure smooth cutting machine cutting, to avoid machine jitter, to ensure that cutting parts The closure is not deformed. In the machining process, the plate cutting commonly used methods are manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine cutting and cutting machine cutting. Manual cutting flexible and convenient, but the poor quality of hand cutting, size error, material waste, follow-up processing workload, while poor working conditions, low production efficiency. Semi-automatic cutting machine in the profile cutting machine, cutting the workpiece quality is better, because of its use of cutting mold, not suitable for single, small batch and large workpiece cutting. Other types of semi-automatic cutting machine, although reducing the labor intensity of workers, but its function is simple, only suitable for some of the more regular shape of the parts cut. EPS Cutting Machine relative to manual and semi-automatic cutting method, can effectively improve the efficiency of cutting plate, cutting quality, reduce the operator's labor intensity. At present, some small and medium enterprises in China even in some large enterprises in the use of manual cutting and semi-automatic cutting method is also more common. Development and manufacturing, with a small footprint, cutting stability, high precision, EPS Cutting Machine automation control system hardware from the CNC card, PLC, industrial computer and servo system, through the development of large-scale CNC thermo-cutting process requirements Automate control software to improve cutting efficiency.