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Learn About The Layout Features And Scope Of The EPS Shape Moulding Machine
Oct 19, 2017

Learn about the layout features and scope of the EPS Shape Moulding Machine
In our today's items will be used in the decoration of a lot of materials and processing methods, including EPS lines, we are not on the EPS line processing methods are very curious? EPS lines are EPS line EPS Shape Moulding Machine from processing, In the process of processing foam, we need to use EPS Shape Moulding Machine, and its work for our production activities to provide the most professional materials. Of course, its scope of application is also very wide, then let us take a closer look at it
EPS Shape Moulding Machine Layout Features: 1, with a removable material to adjust the scale equipment. To ensure the accuracy of the cutting scale, with a digital display ruler. 2, removable table, use negative pressure adsorption method, fixed to be cut foam. 3, suspended work, with a manual, automatic equipment. 4, red brake button for manual braking. This button is invalid when the push button is pressed. 5, when the brake solenoid pull, press the push button, brake solenoid immediately release. Scope of application: mainly used for the expansion of foam information, which can be rigid foam, soft foam, plastic cut into a square, rectangular, strip, etc., with high cutting efficiency, accurate cutting accuracy, high precision The It can cut out a variety of shapes on a device such as a giant dovetail groove, a ladder groove, a rectangular groove, an arc groove, a corrugated groove, a small package, a free model, a European decoration, etc., EPS Shape Moulding Machine There are easy to operate, high precision, reduce polystyrene sheet metal spill and so on.
EPS lines as the current building decoration in the more durable building materials, by many people's favorite, maybe we only heard only used straight lines of standard lines EPS lines decoration, but with the aesthetic changes in people's ideas, various images of the EPS lines In order to meet everyone's demand for EPS lines, the market appeared more advanced EPS Shape Moulding Machine, I believe we all want to know it, then today we have to understand about EPS Shape Moulding Machine What is the characteristic of the machine?
The advanced curved EPS Shape Moulding Machine solves the complicated craftsmanship of the traditional handmade, and uses the EPS line. The EPS Shape Moulding Machine is used to make the cross-section mold of the curved wire, and then the arc parameter design Well, this can be cut with the machine. After cutting and then use the centrifugal hanging plastic machine smear mortar, processing molding. The advantage of this approach is uniform coating, the line size is very standard, higher yield. Followed by the other is a straight line with a straight line cut out the wedge-shaped mouth, and then folded into an arc. This process saves material, but the technical requirements of the workers higher, high scrap rate, low yield. Curved eps line decoration lines are mainly used in the window, arch, lintel and other building nodes, although the utilization rate is not very high, but it will greatly enhance the beauty of the building.
EPS Shape Moulding Machine needs a command before cutting to order it to walk. This instruction is called CNC cutting program. This program is to use CAD software with EPS Shape Moulding Machine application software, only need to enter the required size and graphics CAD , Generate EPS Shape Moulding Machine graphics, do a good job of compilation process, and then generate EPS Shape Moulding Machine code, directly converted to CNC EPS Shape Moulding Machine for cutting use. Programming function is complete, easy to learn, is the choice of small and medium enterprises. Advanced CNC cutting software technology can support CNC EPS Shape Moulding Machine to achieve full-time cutting, automatic cutting and efficient cutting! Through the software technology, that is, optimize the CNC system in the cutting control software and automatic perforation cutting process, to achieve numerical control EPS Shape Moulding Machine Full-time cutting, automatic cutting and efficient cutting, effectively improve the cutting efficiency of cutting and cutting quality.