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The Correct Use Of EPS Machine
Nov 02, 2017

The correct use of EPS Machine
See the subject believe that many people do not understand today to introduce the EPS Machine is the same thing, but you listen to me told you after using the method of estimation to know what its role is.
EPS Machine set up the use of computer-wide operation in the cutting of steel and other hard materials need to use a machine. Because this machine is more complicated to operate, so in the operation of the process need to pay attention to a lot of details.
The first is in the formal operation must be carried out before the experimental operation, that is, need to confirm that the operation panel buttons and a variety of switches is not able to normal use, and to check the panel board valve is not all normal. If you do not have to use before the official use of the case, may be formally used when the problem can not be resolved in time, will lead to some accidents.
The second is in the plasma cutting, the EPS Machine cutting staff must be away from the ignition high voltage coil. Because the machine will automatically burn when the plasma cutting, and this time the flame emitted, but may be endangering people, so the operator should try to stay away from the ignition high voltage coil.
The third is the choice of EPS Machine cutting the flame. If it is to cut a large thickness of the steel, it is best to use the reduction flame preheating and then cut. But if the cutting diameter is relatively small just half of the direct use of neutral flame on it.
The above three points are some of the operating methods that require special attention when using EPS Machine. There are other details of the problem in the real operation of the time also need your extra attention, be careful to use.
Cutting is the industrial process of structural parts of the first process, the cutting of the direct impact on the back of the order, it is a very important part of the EPS Machine because of its advantages in use, For this key ring on the security lock.
First, the use of EPS Machine greatly improves the level and quality of cutting. EPS Machine is a corresponding program for the electronic control of the cutting equipment, pre-designed procedures, as long as the machine does not appear to be able to strictly and accurately in accordance with the specifications of the program, the size of cutting to ensure that the cutting components in the size of no deviation, and Cut neatly.
Second, greatly improve the production efficiency. EPS Machine works is to cut the size, cutting style, cutting sequence and so on into the program, and then is required to cut the program for cutting, the need to repeat the need to re-cut the components do not need to re-set the parameters, Prepared a good program, and can achieve continuous, uninterrupted operation, which greatly improves the efficiency of structural cutting, in order to improve the overall efficiency of the enterprise lay the foundation.
Again, the EPS function improves the stability of the cutting quality. In the process of structural cutting, if the staff has been cutting the experience of the operation, due to the level of personnel and other differences will lead to cutting out the quality of different pieces of cutting, there is no stability, which is not conducive to the current large industrial era of quality Stability requirements, and the operation of the EPS Machine is completely in accordance with pre-set procedures, the cutting stability is guaranteed.
EPS Machine of these advantages makes it widely used in steel structure processing plants and other industrial plants for China's steel processing industry to make outstanding contributions.