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Understand The Advanced Nature Of EPS Block Moulding Machine
Aug 30, 2017

Understand the advanced nature of EPS Block Moulding Machine
I believe that many of my friends are more like the kind of European architectural style, and now we are around a lot of residential and villas are used in this architectural style. In fact, these styles are also very particular about the use of materials, we are generally using the EPS Block Moulding Machine to decorate the external walls of the building, these foam lines are used EPS Block Moulding Machine produced, the following we come to understand These EPS Block Moulding Machine in the use of what advanced place, I hope we can understand the understanding.
EPS lines as the current building decoration in the more durable building materials, by many people's favorite, maybe we only heard only used straight lines of standard lines EPS lines decoration, but with the aesthetic changes in people's ideas, various images of the EPS lines Was being developed and produced, but also popular, the market is more of a curved arc EPS line. Advanced curved EPS Block Moulding Machine to solve the traditional handmade tedious process, the use of EPS Block Moulding Machine processing, the resistance wire will be curved cross-section of the line to do a good job, then the arc of the parameters designed, so that Can be cut with a machine. After cutting and then use the centrifugal hanging plastic machine smear mortar, processing molding. The advantage of this approach is uniform coating, line size is very standard, higher yield. Followed by another is to use artificial lines back cut wedge-shaped mouth, and then folded into an arc. This process saves material, but the technical requirements of the workers higher, high scrap rate, low yield. Curved eps line decoration lines are mainly used in the window, arch, lintel and other building nodes, although the utilization rate is not very high, but it will greatly enhance the beauty of the building.
We can see that these EPS Block Moulding Machine in our production and processing of foam lines above the advantages shown is still very large, to solve the traditional manual processing defects, we can improve the quality of our foam lines to meet our building exterior decoration The demand. My company has a variety of EPS Block Moulding Machine. There is a need for these production equipment friends invited to our company to buy, our company a wide range of products to meet your needs.
In front, to introduce a lot about EPS lines and EPS Block Moulding Machine related knowledge, I believe we must also know that these EPS Block Moulding Machine in our side to play the role of EPS lines can not be separated from the production of a variety of EPS block Machine use, then we use these machines, there is no need to pay attention to where? Today we will EPS line automatic hanging pulp machine, for example, to talk about the use of these EPS lines automatic hanging pulp machine need to do a good job What maintenance work.
EPS decoration lines in recent years in China, a new type of decoration materials, it is now the domestic planning community caused infinite reaction, and soon got the approval of many domestic planners and adoption. EPS Block Moulding Machine to do more efficient, more durable work, the need for regular on-demand maintenance. Although the performance of EPS Block Moulding Machine is very good, practicality is also very strong, but if the daily routine maintenance work is not done, it is EPS line automatic hanging pulp machine life will certainly be reduced, after a long time Performance will slowly diminish, then you have to replace the EPS Block Moulding Machine. EPS Block Moulding Machine in the week when the need to do maintenance: regular cleaning machine and screw and guide rails near the dirt, to observe the guide rail and ball screw at any time the lack of lubrication, if the lack of timely need to add lubricants, To ensure the smooth operation of EPS Block Moulding Machine. In addition, get off work must remember to turn off the power, on the one hand is to ensure that EPS Block Moulding Machine is not damaged, on the other hand is to ensure that equipment, personnel and workshop security.
We hope that we all use these EPS Block Moulding Machine, can do these maintenance work, so that our production quality of the line is also a great protection. With the type of lines in the gradually increased, we use the foam line production equipment types are more, different production equipment requirements are not the same, we need to do the maintenance work is not the same, so use these lines Production equipment requires us to know the knowledge is still very much.