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Understand The Functional Design Principles Of EPS Block Moulding Machine
Oct 19, 2017

Understand the functional design principles of EPS Block Moulding Machine
Now our lives, there are very many kinds of daily necessities, the common is the plastic material products. The use of plastic products in our lives is very extensive, mainly because of its low cost and pollution-free, but we have the appearance of the supplies are also required, so in the process of making foam lines are Will use the EPS Block Moulding Machine, so as to meet the needs of people in the appearance of supplies. At present, the new equipment on the market is EPS Block Moulding Machine, then what is the function of the design of the principle of this equipment? We have to understand the next.
First, EPS Block Moulding Machine to market demand-oriented principles Mechanical design as a production activity, and the market is closely linked from the design issues, use requirements, technical indicators, design and manufacturing time to come up with the overall program , The feasibility study, the designer should always think about how to design products in order to be competitive, able to occupy the market, favored by the users.
Second, the creation of creative principles is the human ability.Human beings do not play their own creativity, production can not develop, science and technology will not progress, there is no human today.Design only as a creative activity has a strong vitality. , Not only innovation, can only fall behind someone else, especially in today's world of rapid development of science and technology, in the EPS Block Moulding Machine design in the design of the principle of theft is particularly important.
EPS Block Moulding Machine manufacturing is not out of thin air, we need to conduct a very large demand research, and this research to carry out the functional design of the device, we can not be designed, this will only lead to cost waste. Not only that, because the arc shape of the product has a very large appearance advantages, and can be very effective use, so our company is also the main push EPS Block Moulding Machine this product, if you are interested in this, very much looking forward to you To carry out the relevant consultation.
I believe that many of my friends are more like the kind of European architectural style, and now we are around a lot of residential and villas are used in this architectural style. In fact, these styles are also very particular about the use of materials, we are generally used EPS Block Moulding Machine to decorate the external walls of the building, these foam lines are used EPS Block Moulding Machine produced, the following we come to understand These EPS Block Moulding Machine in the use of what advanced place, I hope you can understand the understanding.
EPS lines as the current building decoration in the more durable building materials, by many people's favorite, maybe we only heard only used straight lines of standard lines EPS lines decoration, but with the aesthetic changes in people's ideas, various images of the EPS lines EPS Block Moulding Machine company was made with the production, but also popular, the market is more of a curved arc EPS line. Advanced curved EPS line production equipment to solve the traditional handmade tedious process, the use of EPS Block Moulding Machine processing, the resistance wire will be curved cross-section of the line to do a good job, then the arc of the parameters designed, so that Can be cut with a machine. After cutting and then use the centrifugal hanging plastic machine smear mortar, processing molding. The advantage of this approach is uniform coating, the line size is very standard, higher yield. Followed by the other is a straight line with a straight line cut out the wedge-shaped mouth, and then folded into an arc. This process saves material, but the technical requirements of the workers higher, high scrap rate, low yield. Curved eps line decoration lines are mainly used in window, arch, lintel and other building nodes, although EPS Block Moulding Machine usage is not very high, but it will greatly enhance the beauty of the building.