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What Are The Advantages Of EPS Cutting Machine?
Sep 20, 2017

What are the advantages of EPS Cutting Machine?
EPS Cutting Machine cut out the lines with a light weight, paste solid, easy to shape, and EPS wall insulation wall with the use of better results, easy installation, decorative lines (components) beautiful, smooth, seamless between the line, it completely To solve the external wall insulation cold, hot bridge problems, so that designers, construction division who play.
First, EPS Cutting Machine cut out the line EPS decorative line (component) the biggest advantage is that it completely solve the external walls of cold insulation, hot bridge problems, so that designers, construction division who play, dripping dripping Exquisite.
Second, the cutting edges of the EPS Cutting Machine are firmly stuck. Decorative line (component) security is very important, especially the quality of life requirements, if only heavy landscaping, do not pay attention to safety that will bring great hidden dangers. EPS decorative line is not only light, but also very solid with the grass-roots wall bonding. It is mainly used for polymer mortar bonding, and polymer mortar is the organic glue is added to the inorganic material cement mortar mixing made, not only long life, and bonding firm, and has the national standards and norms, and in a large number of Engineering application proved feasible, is safe and reliable. Eliminating the use of anchor bolts fixed construction hazards and anchor corrosion caused by the quality of the accident.
Third, EPS Cutting Machine cut out the lines and EPS insulation wall with the use of better results in the rapid development of building energy today, EPS board external wall insulation system is the only preferred system, but the architect will worry about whether The impact of the realization of the effect of the facade, EPS decorative lines completely dispel the concerns of architects, not only that, but also allows architects to design their own style, with the formation of the perfect match with the insulation wall.
Fourth, EPS Cutting Machine cut out the line shape free processing. As the Hengxiang bubble EPS Cutting Machine using automatic computer number operating system style arbitrary, simple processing, easy installation.
Fifth, EPS Cutting Machine cut out the lines easy to install. Using special bonding materials and methods, a person can install the construction, especially the larger volume components, just stick the installation.
Sixth, EPS Cutting Machine cut out the lines of decorative lines (components) smooth, beautiful, seamless between the lines. As a result of the use of the gap between the two lines of repair materials, the gap is completely gone.
Seventh, EPS Cutting Machine cut out the lines light weight. Its weight is GRC decorative line of about 1/6. A person can be free to move, construction.
The EPS Cutting Machine is a computer-controlled machine capable of cutting any three-dimensional product from extruded and expanded EPS (polystyrene) foam. The three-dimensional model is machined by a computer-controlled actuator (stepper motor) that drives the heated heating wire to travel in the X and Y directions. This allows fast and accurate cutting of the foam. EPS Cutting Machine The control of the accuracy allows us to cut out almost any shape of the material from the same thickness as the thickness of the desired product. It is mainly used for the cutting of foam material. It can cut hard foam, soft foam and plastic into square, rectangular and strip shape. It has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, accurate cutting size and high precision. EPS cutting machine, can achieve EPS (XPS) at the same time or separately flat, cut, cut shaped plate, broken board in one, it can be cut in a variety of devices on the shape of the slot, such as the size of the dovetail slot , Cutting edge, rectangular groove, arc groove, corrugated groove, small package, free model, European decorative pieces, etc., EPS Cutting Machine equipment has easy operation, high precision, reduce polystyrene sheet waste.
First, the bubble EPS Cutting Machine Structural features:
1, red brake button for manual braking. This button is not available when the start button is pressed.
2, movable table, using negative pressure adsorption, fixed cutting foam. In the case of
3, stop running, with a manual, automatic device. In the case of
4, with a removable cutting material size adjustment device. In order to ensure the accuracy of cutting material size, with a digital display ruler.
5, when the brake solenoid pull, press the start button, brake solenoid immediately release.
Second, EPS Cutting Machine Note:
1, check the machine before starting the machine there is a leak phenomenon, there is no leakage of the phenomenon of gas.
2, EPS Cutting Machine use of raw materials for the flammable gases such as acetylene, propane, liquefied petroleum gas and other gases. So it is necessary to check whether the entire gas circuit is sealed on time.