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What Are The EPS Cutting Machine Factors That Affect The Processing Costs
Oct 19, 2017

What are the EPS Cutting Machine factors that affect the processing costs
Many people are complaining that today's production costs are increasing year by year, the production of less and less income, which is affected by all aspects of factors. EPS Cutting Machine as EPS line production and processing equipment will be used, if less it, the cost of production and processing will be significantly increased, but with it, sometimes other factors unreasonable control of the deterioration of the production cost is only high not low of. So, the impact of EPS Cutting Machine production costs and we analyze one or two bar.
Energy: China is developing a new resource tax system, with the relative reduction of China's energy, energy prices pressure is continued to increase. The new resource tax system will increase the high pollution, high energy consumption enterprises tax collection, and this part of the tax burden will eventually reflect the EPS Cutting Machine production and processing costs up.
Environment: the production of environmentally friendly products, not only requires the improvement of quality control level, but also means that R & D and environmental protection equipment, detection of EPS Cutting Machine equipment investment increased, the government increasingly demanding environmental protection, previously by the cost of pollution to the environment ** the way has become the past, strict environmental regulations, will inevitably lead to sewage, waste treatment costs increase.
Technology: There is a core R & D team, EPS Cutting Machine company in technology research and development and equipment improvement strength, relative to other companies, high competitiveness, so, usually to increase innovation and maintain technology in an invincible position.
Now the home improvement industry is very popular, with the rapid development of home improvement industry, home improvement industry equipment is also constantly evolving and updated. EPS Cutting Machine is such a home improvement industry in the commonly used cutting equipment. Its role in the architectural decoration industry is very great. Speaking of the EPS Cutting Machine believe that many of my friends are unfamiliar, but in fact you have seen a lot of architectural decoration is its result Oh, since its role is so big, we should pay attention to how to use it properly in order to its role To the extreme.
In the use of the process, in addition to pay attention to maintenance, but also on the use of EPS Cutting Machine some of the precautions to understand: 1, check the machine before the start of the pipeline there is a leak phenomenon, there is a leak phenomenon never boot. 2, maintenance should pay attention to a technician command and coordination. 3, shut down before closing all the valves, and put the air in the remaining gas. 4, cutting machine used in the work of raw materials for flammable gases such as acetylene, propane, liquefied petroleum gas and other gases. So it is necessary to check whether the entire gas circuit is sealed on time. 5, the operator in the fire when the fire should be timely control, in order to avoid fire. 6, the gas department should be open to open fire, and in its surrounding normal function of carbon dioxide or other appropriate fire extinguishing device. 7, in the operation of the EPS Cutting Machine in the event of an emergency, you should immediately press the red emergency stop switch to prevent accidents.
With the development of modern economy, people's living standards continue to improve, for the construction industry has a higher demand, the pursuit of a more comfortable and more atmosphere of the architectural style, but the old cement components is very difficult, long duration, Will show cracks, poor durability, and the use of EPS Cutting Machine production EPS decorative lines, with a convenient device, economic, long durability and other advantages, which for maintaining the integrity of the building is an indispensable role.